About me

Even as a child I loved books about everything. At that time I only read them, now I write them too. My love for language runs like a thread through my whole life. So it was only the logical consequence that I chose a profession in this field: Foreign language correspondent.

After working as an employee for many years, I am now – as my children are now old enough – a freelance writer and translator. I am characterized by reliability, accuracy and commitment. But of course my creativity is not neglected.

Regular exchange with others is particularly important to me, in order to constantly receive new impulses and thus develop myself further. Therefore I am a member

at networking of  businesswomen  Osnabrück (https://www.unternehmerinnen-os.de/)

for women entrepreneurs north (https://unternehmerinnen-nord.de/)

as well as on Xing and LinkedIn. In addition, I regularly exchange experiences at the translators’ network in Osnabrück.